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Terms & Conditions

Codeables Studio is free software that is developed and maintained by EduKits International. To use the software, you must accept the following terms and conditions of its use.

How you can use Codeables Studio

We allow the use of our software for home and educational purposes, but not for commercial use.

What’s okay:

  • Using the software to build your own cool projects
  • Teaching a class to code using Codeables Studio

What’s not okay:

  • Copying and/or selling our software to other people or organisations
  • Using our software in other products or services not produced by EduKits International
  • Advertising your product as including, coming packaged with or compatible with our software

Your data and how we use it

Your data is very important to us, and we do everything we can to respect its privacy.

We collect data on our users and how they use our software to help improve our software as well as the experience of our users. This data is not shared with any other company and is only used by EduKits, but some analytics (data on how you use our software) is provided by Google, Facebook and Hotjar, and is stored on their servers.

All data collected from users throughout the use of the software is anonymised, and therefore cannot be traced back to any individual. This data is also non-personal, and tracks things like clicks and how long the software was used for, rather than user email addresses and names.