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Codeables Studio

Meet the easy to use, drag-and-drop code editor for Arduino. Build complex projects without any coding knowledge. Launch the online editor now for free!

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Code download

An Arduino file with the generated code can be downloaded with a click.

Simple block coding

Users create cool apps and games using a familiar block-coding interface.

Ideas for invention

Codeables Studio includes a library of cool projects and inventions that users can build & explore.

Choose your kit

The app is fully compatible with the EduKits coding product range, including The Amazing Annoyatron.

For all screen sizes

Codeables Studio is designed to work on all devices, with the exclusion of smartphones.

Making coding easier & more accessible.

Free for everyone

Codeables Studio is proud to be free software that can be used by anyone, for any use.

Accessible online

Even though we do offer apps for Windows and Mac, Codables Studio is fully-featured on the web.